Johnson Family Missions

Johnson Family Missions was launched in the summer of 2005. Curt & Kay spent almost 20 years in the traditional pastoral role raising their 5 children; Heather, Heidi, Heath, Holli, and Hanna. Amoung their labors was starting a church that still thrives today, Forest City Fellowship, in Rockford, Illinois; Being an intergral part of the City Wide Church movement; and founding the Divorce Recovery Workshops which has served thousands of adults and children.

Our temporary new home base will be in Honolulu, Hawaii near our daughter's YWAM (Youth With A Mission) base. We will be serving the base anyway we can and enjoying the teachings and connections we will be making there with the many missionaries that come there weekly to preach and teach.

We left our newly married daughter, Heidi, in Rockford in good hands with our new son-in-law, Andrew McMahon and his family. Heath will be finishing his last 2 years of college at Illinois State University. Curt's parents, Donn & Geri Johnson are very supportive of their decision and will be in Rockford to support Heath & Heidi.

Holli will be with us in Hawaii going through DTS (Discipleship Training School) with Heather as her leader at the YWAM base. Kay will continue to home school Hanna in Hawaii.

Curt will continue to work his consulting business as the Lord has led us to provide our own personal support. We are excited about this as we raise funds for missionary projects and you can know that 100% of your money will go directly to missions projects! The residual income and time freedom of Curt's business provides a wonderful platform for which to be free to minister as the Lord leads, and bring some of the wealth we enjoy in the USA to needy places.

Curt & Kay believe that the Lord is going to prosper Christians in America and they will be used in the last days to transfer this wealth to our suffering brothers and sisters in the Pacific Rim, and around the world.

"To whom much is given, much will be required."

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