Johnson Family Missions

Fall 2006

Dear Friends and Family:

Our time back in Illinois was wonderful. We saw many friends and family we had missed. The Lord blessed us in many ways, including financially. Most of the people and churches that Curt & Kay spoke at were very receptive both to their ministry and the prophetic word Curt had for Rockford, Illinois.

It is November now and we are in the middle of our formal training to become official YWAMers! We have met and learned from so many incredible servants of the Lord, it has made living in one room and in community seem like such a small inconvenience compared to the sacrifices so many have made to fulfill the Great Commission.

Good has been so good to us. Hanna has played AYSO soccer this fall and done well. Her coach has picked her up and driven her to every practice, and with us, every game. God has met all our needs.

Also . . . we are now grandparents!!! It was hard not being there for the birth of our first grandchild, but being in the center of God's will, and Andy & Heidi also having gone through YWAM understanding what we are doing has really helped.

Please review the past web pages that explain our heart and call to Fiji, and the Indian/Hindu people group. This recent article in a YWAM publication also gives so more insight as to the project we will be involved in:


We are asking that the Lord would give us a group of people (or couples/families) that would stand with us on a monthly basis. We have an intercessory monthly email for these special partners. This will be confidential and we will share the "nitty-gritty" prayer requests and the "deeper" spiritual warfare agreements we need to fulfill the destiny set before us. The amount of money you commit every month isn’t as important to us as your heart felt desire to join us in spirit on our journey. (Click Here for more details.)

Please pray for us, look for our monthly enewsletter, and visit us here on a regular basis. We want and need you to be a part our journey.

Grace & Peace to You!

Curt & Kay

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