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IWT - Impact World Tour - Fiji

Fall 2007

22 October 2007

Dear Friends and Family:

The last month was powerful. We are exhausted - but a good feeling, like when you walk off the field knowing you gave it everything you had. Over 160,000 have heard the gospel; Over 17,000 making decisions to serve Jesus! The Church stirred, awakened and equipped in this strong move of the Spirit of the Lord. Probably the most amazing thing that either of us has ever been involved with. As IWT swept through the Islands of Fiji in 6 weeks, going to over 40 different communities. With 4 x 40ft containers shipped over from Australia with Skate ramps and stage, sound, lighting and tech gear. As the church in Fiji came together in unity in a historic way (one of my favorite parts and assignments of the tour) to work together for the purpose of reaching those who don’t know Jesus, some of the key leaders said that IWT was the largest effort of it’s kind to reach the shores of Fiji, ever! With 128 evangelists, dancers, skaters, strongmen, prayer warriors from all over the world converging on Fiji for IWT, the devil never stood a chance as altar call after altar call was packed. We were amazed to see thousands of Indians, most Hindu and some Moslems, respond to the gospel. This is the largest unreached people group in the Pacific, and are a people that are strongly on our hearts. We were excited to see whole families respond to the truth, often lead by the fathers. The schools were a place that we capitalized on, preaching the gospel un-apologetically in the school yards. Hundreds and thousands responded even before the main events!


What makes this even more amazing is that MOST of the tour was in the rain and in the mud!





“Lautoka - A lady and her daughter came up for prayer during the show. The daughter was 9 and she was paralyzed on the left side of her body. Some of the IWT crew gathered around them for prayer, half way through the prayer they stopped to watch the show. Then they did the alter call and they both gave their lives to the Lord and the crew continued to pray for them. Soon before they left the daughter began to walk for the first time and was able to wave her left hand so she got up and walked her way back home with a great big smile!”


This one Kay, Hanna & I witnessed ourselves - during the simple preaching of the gospel this women began to manifest strong demon possession. She was screaming and writhing on the ground. After prayer,she got on stage and we heard how she was set free after 20 years of torment.


“A man who had a stroke about 3 months ago (pictured here), was paralyzed on the left side of his body, was totally healed, walked on stage and lifted both arms for all the crowd to see”.


“After a Satellite performance in Rakiraki, Mana, Kiti and I prayed for a lady's 7 year old son. He could not hear in his left ear. After we prayed for him, Kiti snapped his fingers several times and whispered the boys name in his left ear. He could hear it! The whole family was there and was very grateful to God. Keahi Cornelius - Island Breeze.”


“A 9 year old girl who was born deaf was totally healed in Ba, a small town north of Lautoka”


Perhaps the most life changing moments for us were seeing young people preaching the gospel. We are committed even more now to see this generation discipled and rise up as end times WARRIORS and gather the harvest. Our future plans will include seeing this happen.



Curt altar counseling some new converts in the rain & mud!





• Over 165,000 People heard the gospel clearly (Main Events,

schools, prisons). Almost 20% of Fiji’s population.

• 17, 474 Recorded decisions for Christ!

• 16 Major cities and communities.

• 39 Main campaign nights.

• At least 24 School performances.

• 3 Prisons.


T H A N K Y O U !

We could not do any of this with without your friendship, prayer and financial support. Be blessed as you read this report and know you too have an inheritance in Fiji!


Grace & Peace to You!

Curt & Kay


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