Johnson Family Missions

November 2008

Johnson Family Missions

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We just got back from taking Holli to the airport. Curt will be meeting her in the Philippines in a couple of weeks. We will be working in some orphanages and helping the students from our DTS here transition into the country before Curt heads to Hong Kong to assist with the Call2All preparations.

Kay & Hanna will stay back in New Zealand as we get to move off the Bible College Campus now. We will be house sitting for a couple of months as a YWAM family travels back to the USA and Germany. God's grace continues to be upon our journey of continuous moving.

Curt considers it an honor to be a part of the leadership team of bringing IWT to the Philippines, and also working with Call2All. In a nutshell this global cooperation of the Body of Christ is unprecedented and has the goal of seeing the entire earth covered with the true Gospel by 2020. Curt & Kay worked hard in Rockford to see city wide unity. This vision is similar, only denominations, prayer and missions organizations are working together world wide.

Before the elections in America I had a sense from the Lord that Obama would win and this would change America forever. Having served in the US Air Force, and fought hard for the defeat of child killing in America (both Kay & I went to jail more than once over this issue,) it breaks our hearts to see America enter into a post-Christian society. Reuven Doron seemed to confirm the prophetic stirrings I was sensing the month leading up to the elections. "We have heard the Lord say that there will be regions of light and regions of darkness in America." You can read the whole thing by clicking here and signing up or in. Francis Frangipane recently sent an encouraging email after the election. We worked closely with both these brothers in the 1990's as we fought for city-wide unity and battles against abortion. Both these articles are worth a read to focus your intercession for the coming days. I hope to get back to Rockford in February and share a word from the Lord regarding all this. There is hope for the days ahead if we will hear the Lord and cooperate!

One word that will always stand out and dominate our hearts will be the Great Commission! We count it a privilege to be partnered with you to advance the Kingdom in the Asia-Pacific region of the world! I'll write again from the Philippines and Hong Kong as we work hard to prepare for the end times harvest.

Grace & Peace,

Curt & Kay Johnson


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