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November 2008 - Philippine Edition III

Johnson Family Missions

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Curt & Holli's trip to the Philippines has been very productive:

Holli: We have visited numerous ministries to the children of this country. They are all truly amazing in their own ways. The need is enormous, and to see workers going to " the least, the last, and the lost" moves your heart. As we drive in taxis from place to place we see the children sleeping on cardboard boxes along the busy streets. (The traffic is simply crazy. The comfort level between cars in US & NZ is 3 feet - here it is 3 inches - no exaggeration. Few laws or rules - the most aggressive have "right of way.") We visited works in three different major cities in the three major regions of the country. Please pray for Holli as she heads back to New Zealand to seek the Lord about a future ministry comittment here.

Curt: Due to the crisis in Thailand, Mark Anderson, the international leader of Call2All and YWAM Campaigns was in the Philippines longer than expected, as was Rheo, the National Director for YWAM Philippines. Curt got to spend a good deal of time with both of them individually and pulled together a meeting with both of them. Curt also got to meet with JM, Agelica, and Joey, all fellow students of the school he took in Kona earlier this year. All that to say, this trip was far more productive and fruitful than he could have hoped as we move forward in preparing this nation for a major move of God through the IWT in the days ahead!

The iDTS from NZ that Curt & Kay helped with is also in the Philippines now in their outreach phase. Mark Anderson spoke to us, including a strong end times emphasis. His good friend Mike Bickle seems to be sounding the trumpet also. My spirit is very stirred regarding this season - but more on that another time.

In case you missed the first two reports - here they are:

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Holli flies back to NZ this weekend, and Curt will continue on to Hong Kong to meet with YWAM leadership there as we prepare for the Global Call2All Congress that Curt and the Asia-Pacific Leadership team based in NZ will help serve and facilitate. The true Body of Christ is uniting to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime. Let that sink in.

The King is Coming! Thanks to all of you who are doing your part on this team, so we can do our part as we prepare a strong soul-winning Bride for the soon coming Bridegroom.

Grace & Peace,

Curt & Kay Johnson


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