Johnson Family Missions

December 2008

Johnson Family Missions

Merry Christmas !fname:

With Joy and Anticipation of the coming year, we wanted to extend our blessings to you and your loved ones through this holiday season.

Thank you for your support and prayers as and Kay & Hanna relocated our "home" yet to another location in New Zealand, and Curt & Holli's traveled to the Philippines and Hong Kong. We made more progress than planned in advancing the Kingdom of God in those nations. With 12 plane rides, 4 boat rides, 4 subways, 8 buses, and 50+ taxi rides in 23 days, we were blessed to lead and participate in meetings that will culminate in major awakenings in the days ahead. All that - and miraculously I didn't get motion sickness once :-)

We loved the Filipino culture and people. Amidst the masses and deep poverty is a young generation that desperately needs the Gospel - the IWT will have a mighty impact in this nation.

The DTS school that Curt & Kay helped with in NZ is still over there right now and doing great. Holli & I got to go with them on one of their outreaches before we left. This group of anointed and passionate young people will never be the same, nor will the desperate lives that they touch. (See below for a report from one of the team members.)

Holli was also encouraged and we visited many ministries to the poor and needy children of this nation. She is praying and planning on going back next year to plug into a ministry to children there. Curt will spend much time there also next year not only working with and training YWAMers, but also the Church and Business leaders in much the same way we did in the Fiji Islands.

We will miss you all more than you know over the Holidays. (It was a bit embarrassing crying in a coffee shop in Manila as they played "I'll be home for Christmas" over the speakers.) BUT - Curt's plan is to be in Rockford in February! Although spending time with his family will be a priority, he is also looking forward to fellowship with our support team there. (If you know of any families, groups, or churches that would be interested in hearing about our work, we are also wanting to expand our support base for the days ahead.)

We are convinced the Lord Jesus will be glorified in these last days and feel so blessed to be yoked with you for this massive end times harvest. Please let us know if there is anything we can be praying for you and your family this holiday season.

Grace & Peace,

Curt & Kay Johnson


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Here is a note from one of the team members from NZ in the Philippines right now. Britton is an awesome young man with a horrendous past, but now totally on fire for Jesus. It is a joy for Kay & I to be a small part of the vision of YWAM that has as one of its core values: Champion Young People.

"This past week has been full on! We have had a 6 day stretch of doing 2-3 outreach events a day! These events range from working with elementry-college students to street evangelism with drug addicts in the slums of Davao! So much has happened that I do not have the time to tell you of all the wonderful things that have taken place.


We all traveled to a slum called Agdao! We had an awesome hanging out and ministering to little kids (3-10 years of age). The Lord is giving me a heart for little ones! I am pretty sure that i have some of the biggest arms in the city of Davao; they like me to lift them up in the air. Good thing they are really light! Then we split into groups and did some street evangelism; our guide took Tristan and I to the main hangout for drug addicts and drug dealers. After a few individual conversations we gathered around 10 guys all ranging from 12-19 years of age. They all were really high from huffing a drug that they call "rugby"; it makes them trip out and see things, but for only a few moments! They must consistantly use the drug to have a max effect or experience. I asked them a series of questions concerning why they use the drug and could they ever see themselves living without it; they simply said that the drug helps them numb the pain and that it is the only real joy that they know. I then shared part of my testimony and how the Lord has set me free from these things. I then shared about the loss of my brother Nick! Some were still laughing and mocking; the Lord then gave me a few words concerning their personal lives. They were now on the verge of tears and knew that something serious was taking place. We managed to get 7 of them back to the youth service; one kid even grabbed a friend and jerked him into the procession line back to the church.

At the church we were given the whole service. Some 40 or more 11-20 year olds attended! The church was awesome. It looked more like a large sheep sheering shed. Nevertheless, Rangi Gear from New Zealand shared his powerful testimony. I gave my testimony and then shared on the eternal punishment and the glory of the Cross of Christ. I also got the chance to pray and speak purpose and destiny over them! We then performed a powerful skit! I highly recomand that you all check it out on (Everything skit). We changed a few things, at the end before Jesus overcomes everyone we added a crusifixion! It speaks bodly of the love of Jesus and the power of the Cross. We then ran small groups! The Lord moved on the hearts of many and I believe many from that night will grow into mighty men and women of God!

There is a high spirit of hopelessness here! Speaking purpose and life over these ones instantly ignited their passion. The Filipino's are a beautiful and passionate people. I believe God is going to use many of them as the years merge into its final course on this side of eternity!

Please pray for us as we continue. We are growing stronger together as a team and a family! Pray for strength and open doors! Pray for discernment to speak and act with clarity. Pray that the Lord will raise up burning and shining lamps here in the Philippines. God bless you all.


With Much Love,

Britton Gail Robbins

2 Timothy 1:9-10: who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began, but has now been revealed by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ, who has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel,

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