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Januray 2009

Johnson Family Missions

Dear !fname:

Curt will be in the USA from 22 January through 26 February. He has several speaking engagements lined up already in the Rockford area, but if you would like to have him come to your church or group, contact a.s.a.p. I will send out a schedule of my speaking later this month.

Kay, Holli, and Hanna will be in New Zealand settling into a "home" for us. We have moved 12 times in the last 3 1/2 years and are looking forward to some stability for at least a year.

One of the projects Curt will be working is pioneering a new leadership training school to recruit and equip workers for the coming massive end times harvest. (See below for a letter from Curt's boss, Dave Cole, for details. It is a blessing to flow in a spirit-led ministry with men of God like Dave.) You may know someone who is ready for a huge leap of faith to enter into the end times battle and harvest - have them check this out:

Grace & Peace,

Curt & Kay Johnson


Or you can send a letter to 704 Candlewick Dr. NE Poplar Grove, IL 61065

"Dear YWAM leaders in NZ,

Greetings for the New Year!

One of the spearhead ministries I believe God is calling us in YWAM as a missionary movement in the days ahead, is what I best describe as 'Apocalyptic Evangelism'.

- bold proclamation of the Gospel city & nationwide in the midst of troubled times in the earth preceding Jesus return.

We were re-evaluating late last year & seeking the Lord regarding the training & equipping of more leaders & facilitators to be involved in the harvest.

In line with this, I am writing to share briefly share about a new training initiative we are beginning in March 2009 in Tauranga, NZ

Call2Harvest Leadership Training - begins March 16, 2009

It will involve involvement in IWT nationwide campaigns presently planned in different cities & nations together with the mobilisation & networking vision of Call2All.

This training initiative is an internship for people who desire to be involved and who may or may not necessarily be evangelists. It will have different tracks for people with different gifts & callings but who desire to be involved in helping facilitate the whole process of seeing a great harvest in the days ahead. It is ideally suited to those who want to go to a new level in their leadership both inwardly in their relationship with the Lord & through hands on experience in large scale initiatives.

Curt Johnson who superbly lead the IWT Campaigns in Suva, Fiji & is now based in Tauranga with his family will be coordinating & leading this training. He was a pastor for many years in the USA prior to his involvement in YWAM Campaigns & is a 'general' who can lead in tough situations. Other leaders who will be assisting in the training include Richard Betts(IWT Pacific campaigns); Joshua Cole(iDTS leader, Campaign facilitator serving the S.Korea Campaigns), Jenny Mollison( IWT regional training Coordinator/S.Africa Campaigns), Aaron Walsh(Tauranga House of Prayer leader), myself & others.

Call2Harvest Leadership Training School/Internship

Could you please you to forward this on to those whom the Lord prompts you to do so to those both in and out of YWAM. This is a post DTS level YWAM school but open to those who have not done a DTS but have a good reference from their local church leadership. If they desire to work for YWAM post 2 years then they would need to do a YWAM DTS.

Look forward to seeing many of you in Hong Kong for the Call2All Congress & YWAM Asia/Pacific leaders gathering.

May you be strengthened & encouraged in your leadership to take bold steps of faith in 2009 for the advance of God's Kingdom.

Dave Cole

Call2Harvest leadership Training initiative - March 16, 2009

A personal preamble of God's sovereign leading:

In 1977 the Lord spoke to me very clearly as a young believer one night something I have never forgotten - 'I want to train for evangelism in the last days'

I had no idea or even heard of YWAM nor knew much about the last days. Sovereignly the Lord led me to do a DTS with YWAM NZ in 1978 & my commitment with YWAM has continued for the past 30+ years.

In 1980 before Sue & I were married, an overseas minister preaching the Gospel throughout NZ prophesied over us -

'You will have a large family & be combine harvesters for the Lord'

The first part of the prophecy was met with laughter from Sue & a sense of horror by me!

In 2000 Sue & I had been praying about the fulfillment of the latter part of this prophetic word(the family part becoming a reality!). Although involved in many types of fruitful evangelism during our time in YWAM we never sensed we had cracked into the 'combine harvester' level.

Attending the Billy Graham Conference on Evangelism in Amsterdam later that same year while I was YWAM's Urban Mission Director was another sovereign landmark. I met up with Mark Anderson leader of YWAM Campaigns/IWT & together we discussed reaching cities/nations with greater effectiveness & levels of Harvest.

In 2001 after 7 years based in Singapore we returned to NZ to head up the IWT NZ Campaigns. Since then we been involved in encouraging similar initiatives in other nations/cities in the Asia/Pacific region.

In 2005 the Lord sovereign intercepted us when we were intending to return to Asia & said 'stay in NZ & move your family to Tauranga' to see the following established:

i) A 'House of Prayer' - similar to IHOP in focus but indigenous to our part of the world

ii) A Regional training centre/campus for Tauranga House of Prayer/YWAM Campaigns

ii) Transformation of society in the through the arenas of influence

Over the past 3 years here we have been laying foundations in these 3 initiatives as well as preparing the work in the field for campaigns in other nations in Asia/Pacific.

As we as a leadership team here in Tauranga spent time late 2008 evaluating the IWT staff training, we proposed some changes for the huge harvest ahead. We decided to let things sit for a week & come back together to re-evaluate. A few days later Mark Anderson called me from Kenya where he was at the Call2All Congress to say that the Lord had been speaking to him about a new type of training similar to what we had been planning. He felt that Tauranga was to be a key training location for this in Asia/Pacific. God was confirming what we had been discussing from the opposite side of the earth which was very encouraging.

Towards the reaching this generation

Dave Cole

Regional Director YWAM Campaigns

'Unless the Lord builds the house, its builder's labor in vain' (Psalm 127v1)

IWT Asia/Pacific region

P.O. Box 15-134, Tauranga, NZ

Mobile +64-21 523960"

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