Johnson Family Missions

March, 2010


Johnson Family Missions

Dear !fname:

It is with mixed emotions that we finish up things in Tauranga, New Zealand this month, and prepare to relocate back to Rockford, IL, USA to base for the next season of our lives.

We so look forward to being close to so many loved ones again, but will also miss many things here, maybe mostly our times of daily intercession in the house of prayer. We look forward to sharing the heart of the Lord with all those back in Rockford.

Part of our decision to relocate back to Rockford is that Curt can continue the support for the Philippines work from there. After spending many weeks in the Philippines last year, the staff that was equipped have been doing an outstanding job preparing Mindanao for a huge harvest of young people.

Thanks to many of you, we have been able to channel thousands of dollars over the last few months to get this work off the ground and support this group of amazing young people. Please take time to read some of these reports below. It is a crucial season now with the campaigns just a few weeks away. Curt will be heading back for 5 weeks this summer to help facilitate the events.

Grace & Peace,

Curt & Kay Johnson

PS: Below is just a small sampling of the incredible work these young people are doing. If you would like to sow into deserving young people and a tremendous harvest that will bless our King, now would be a timely encouragement. (The motorcycle pic at the very bottom is VERY common site in Philippines :-)


Mark Anderson went in February to help prepare the valley for what is coming! The Staff is doing an outstanding job in spiritual and practical preparations with building unity in the Body of Christ to prepare them for this coming harvest.

Here are some of the staffs' prayer requests:

. i may be given the opportunity to give a word to the provincial government officials off compostella thats equal to talking too all the mayors and leaders off kent! so please pray that if it is gods will it will happen and if so i will be given wisdom

. strength as the work load continues to build, and that we would really rely on god for strength and wisdom because its so easy for me too look to my self and let it get to me, when reality is that i can do nothing without him.

. for our executive leaders over the cities, as we start to train them to have more responsibility and take more owner ship, the cities with exec teams at the moment are mawab and nabunturan.

. pray that god would raise up passionate people in montivista to realy kick off the movement there.

. pray for saftey as always, and as the election comes closer and things hot up

. continued growth in relationship with god continuing to become more like jesus as we mess up so much and i dont want to become self righteous, its so important to become more and more like him!

thank you once again for joining in my ministry and making an impact in the philippines and my life through prayer

 I thank God for the many opportunities he has given me to present the IWT Vision and to minister in different occasions.

These opportunities created new partnership with Government officials and pastors towards the preparation of the massive evangelistic campaign that will take place this July 2010. I had lots of opportunity to present the IWT Vision to pastors, mayors, government officials in different municipalities and also spoke in lots of Churches and youth gatherings. Thank God that the mayors gave us an open door to publicly preach the good news of Christ within the eleven municipalities of the province.

Being a foreigner in the Philippines, gives me a higher chance getting the attention of people when spreading the word and also lots of invitation to minister. That makes my schedule so tide and hardly have enough time for myself. But thank God for strengthening me and for faithful people like you who always remember me in your prayers. And due to that, I can easily see many results of what God is doing -

I am also glad to let you know that in all the three municipalities am handling, the pastors and government leaders seems to be on board and are in full support of what God is doing in their communities through IWT. And because of their support and eagerness to see transformation in their cities, we were able to set up an executive committee that will oversee the evangelistic movement. By the grace of God, this month we’re planning to have a city wide prayer gathering, where all the churches will come together to seek God’s face for transformation in their communities base on 1Chronicles 7:14. It is our prayer and desire to see thousands of people come to Christ through this evangelistic campaign. So please continue to pray for me and my team as we work on this huge project that God has entrusted to us.

 Prayer Points:

1. For strength wisdom and revelations

2. Protection because I travel three to four hrs a day

3. I will be speaking before the governor and all the provincial government officials on the first of March. Pray for God’s leading and power to move as I deliver His message to them.

4. Pray for the Christians in my state in Nigeria who are presently undergoing persecution by Islam. And for the safety of my family. (Jos Plateau state, Nigeria).

 Finally, I will like to thank you for your prayers and financial support when I was sick and admitted at the hospital during Christmas and New Year season. I am now strong and healthy. Had a liver check up last week, praise God that my liver was discovered to be perfectly healed. Just have two hundred dollars more to settle the hospital bill. Thanks and God bless you.


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