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Spring 2006

Dear Friends and Family: (new pics & news! - read & scroll :-)

It is hard to believe we have been gone from Rockford, IL now for 8 months. The Lord has been soooooo faithful and good to us in this transition of our lives. We took the first step trusting the Lord would let us know the next steps as we move forward.

In our newsletter last month we filled you in on Heather's outreach to China. Holli also just got back from Turkey. God has been filling our hearts with a passion for the nations. Between the great speakers that come through our YWAM base, and the great "evangelisitc" pastor where we attend church on Sunday, and the many true modern day missions books we have been reading - our hearts are being prepared for the mission field.

Kay and Holli will be part of a new school at the YWAM base that Heather is going to be helping start and head up - TESL - "Teaching English as a Second Language."

This April and May, Kay will be part of a small group that will be trained to be teachers of this school. It is a recognized international certification that can open many doors to missions in foreign countries. Heather is excited to be a part of the key staff for this, as this venue of teaching English in her missionary trips has always been a way to open doors to share the love of Jesus. Many parts of the world are longing to speak English or better English.

On the heals of this training, the base will be doing their first school right in Honolulu reaching out to the big Korean population at the University of Hawaii. Kay will be challenged and busy from April through July!

What has become very clear is that the Lord wants us to formally join YWAM. We will be going through the DTS (Discipleship Training School) this fall. It will be 3 months at Honolulu, and then a 2 month outreach. We have applied and requested to the base that we do our outreach in Fiji, and then simply stay there as "long-termers" as YWAMers call them.

Why Fiji? - obviously the easy answer is saying God is leading us, but here are some of the details of the journey we have been on. When we left Rockford we were feeling the Pacific Rim, possibly the Philippines since our missionary friend Ron Gartner has some experience there. After arriving in Hawaii, Kay was feeling drawn to pray about Fiji, having met some Fijians at our YWAM base. When Curt went out to lunch with Danny Lehmann, a major international leader in YWAM, he brought up Fiji and what YWAM was doing there and told Curt, "Perhaps God is bringing you to us for such a time as this." With that Curt & Kay decided it would be wise to take a short term outreach and fact gathering trip there.

Curt just got back from Fiji and felt very confirmed that it is where the Lord is leading. Although only there a few days, it was so obvious how Jesus was opening doors and opening Curt's heart. There were some neat "God" things that happened - but let me first tell you a little about the vision for Fiji and how we might be part of God's plan for that.

Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM had just been to Fiji with the international board to receive some land that was donated by one of the Chiefs on the island. It is off a "country road" on the main island. (see pic) They had a ceremony there and received the land. Private developers from USA and Canada are going to be developing the area for a new resort hotel and then donating the development of the new YWAM base across the street. Loren and others' vision for this YWAM base is HUGE. They see it as going to be another "University of the Nations" that will reach first the rest of the pacific, and then into Asia and China - by sending young trained missionaries into these fields. They are starting this new base/university from scratch and need workers! Makes sense to us that God would use us to help since we are seasoned "pioneers!"

Curt got to Fiji a week after the YWAM leaders had been there. He was told about where it was, but not specifically. (No one thought I would try to find it :-) The roads are ROUGH and my rental bottomed out more than once. After a couple of hours I felt prompted to pick up a hitch hiker (people are constantly hitch hiking in Fiji to get around) although up to that point I hadn't picked anyone up yet, not knowing for sure if it was "safe." The man I picked up, Juita (see pic) was from the Village that donated the land! Korokulu. He went on to tell me he was there at the ceremony and went with me to show me the land. God hooked me up! Juita also showed me his home. The average person in Fiji is VERY poor. The per capita income is far less than Mexico. There will be much need to plug into "mercy" ministries which is especially on Kay's heart.

Another of the neat things that happened was Curt felt drawn to a particular Church that he drove by and decided to go to service there on Sunday. The church was an Indian church. They welcomed me and translated the sermon just for me! I took the pastor and wife out to lunch after and came to find out he works for the Customs and Immigration service! Getting a visa to Fiji can be challenging and he offered to help.

They are also planting a multiracial church nearby that the Pastor's wife and friend took me to. It is just a bit of land and a shack now.

Curt also met with a great guy that will be heading up the "Impact World Tour" that Fiji will hold in October of 2007. Taubali Toki is a gentle and strong man of God. Curt was able to gain counsel from him and the Pacific area director from YWAM who was also there.

As Curt was in Fiji he got a glimpse of God's heart for the Indian population, almost half of the population of Fiji. They were brought as slaves to the islands by the British in the early and mid 1800's to work the sugar cane fields. Part of what the Lord wants to do is win these souls for Jesus (only about 2% are Christian now) and disciple them and send them back into the Hindu World as missionaries!!! What a redemptive story that will be for the ages :-) And YWAM will play a part in it. And Lord willing - the Johnsons will play a part in YWAM's vision.

There is so much more to share, and we will in the coming months. We thank and value so much your thoughts and prayers that are supporting our journey.

We are asking that the Lord would give us a group of people (or couples/families) that would stand with us with on a monthly basis. Although FCF will notify us of your giving, please also let us know. We will be starting a intercessory monthly email for these special partners. This will be confidential and we will share the "nitty-gritty" prayer requests and the "deeper" spiritual warfare agreements we need to fulfill the destiny set before us. The amount of money you commit every month isn’t as important to us as your heart felt desire to join us in spirit on our journey. (Click Here for more details.)

Please pray for us, look for our monthly enewsletter, and visit us here on a regular basis. We want and need you to be a part our journey.

Grace & Peace to You!

Curt & Kay

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