Johnson Family Missions

Spring 2007

Dear Friends and Family:

We are in the rainy season here in Suva, Fiji. As I write this there is a cyclone (heavy rain and winds) hitting the country. Holli is here with us and plans to help us (Hanna, Kay & I) start a soccer reach out to young Indo-Fijians as she awaits her visa to return to Namibia, Africa. Over 80% of people that come to the Lord are under the age of 21 - this is true world wide. Much of our effort in the coming months will be target for those 6 to 20 years of age. This group shot is from one of the "clubs" already running in the city. We hope by focusing on soccer we, Holli, Hanna, Kay & I, will be able to reach the Hindus in our neighborhood. We were invited to our neighbor's child's one year birthday party. This one year party is a BIG deal to the Indians here. Their culture is so different, but we are finding favor and influence.

Curt also is finding favor with the Indian pastors that are Christians (about 10% of the Indians are Christians. Indo-Fijians are about 46% of the population of Fiji.) He just returned from speaking to a group of 15 Indian Assembly of God pastors, and the Lord is opening doors for him to minister in their churches as he promotes the upcoming IWT, Impact World Tour, in Fiji this September & October. All the Fijians, Indigenous and Indo, are friendly and warm people, and we are enjoying the relationships we are cultivating.

The country is still under military rule, and the economic crunch is increasing. It is so sad, yet we know that all this can work for good as God has some HUGE plans for Fiji in the days ahead, and these pressures are can rapidly bring the nation to Jesus. The average person is VERY poor and this economic crunch will devastate many in the nation in the days ahead.


We are finding relationships easy to build whether it be co-laborers in the churches like this man and his daughter whose picture I took after a church service, our Hindu neighbors, or the many vendors and shop people like our video/DVD store (pic on right.) Most of the commerce is still small "mom & pop" stores like the USA was in the 50's and 60's.


We are getting used to being stared at in public as there are still very few white people in Suva. Their are more people on the other side of the island that has most of the tourist spots. We are also learning to communicate more effectively as very few of the Fijians, indigenous or Indian speak very good English.

For us, these are exciting times. Thanks for your interest and prayers. We are growing stronger and closer to the Lord on this journey which that in itself makes it all worthwhile.

Please review the past web pages that explain our heart and call to Fiji, and the Indian/Hindu people group. This recent article in a YWAM publication also gives so more insight as to the project we will be involved in:

We are asking that the Lord would give us a group of people (or couples/families) that would stand with us on a monthly basis. We have an intercessory monthly email for these special partners. This will be confidential and we will share the "nitty-gritty" prayer requests and the "deeper" spiritual warfare agreements we need to fulfill the destiny set before us. The amount of money you commit every month isn’t as important to us as your heart felt desire to join us in spirit on our journey. (Click Here for more details.)

Please pray for us, look for our monthly enewsletter, and visit us here on a regular basis. We want and need you to be a part of our journey.

Grace & Peace to You!

Curt & Kay

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