Johnson Family Missions

Spring 2008

Dear Friends and Family:

Curt is just about to leave for Fiji to do some follow up work from the IWT campaigns last year where we was 17,747 make decisions to follow Jesus. (You can read more about the tour by looking through our archives.) He will also be teaching in a YWAM school at Vanuyasi near Nadi for a week.

We just got word that our work visa permit for New Zealand was granted. Thanks for your prayers. We will be based out of Tauranga with the rest of the Asia-Pacific IWT leadership team. From there we will be traveling to Fiji, and began our next BIG project of traveling to the Philippines for weeks at a time to prepare for the IWT campaigns that we will be doing there. We will keep you posted, but the Philippines is 100 times the population of Fiji.

Along with these projects our hearts and budget have grown to support some of these amazing young people sold out to Jesus for the end times harvest. Last year we continued to live our "fasted lifestyle" and pour tens of thousands of dollars into many deserving lives who live by faith and on very little. Here is just a few of those we hope to continue to partner with - with your help:

We have made monthly commitments to these people - just a sampling of how and where the funds we take in will continue to go into the Kingdom in the days ahead.

Rheo: He is the National Director for YWAM Philippines. Has very little support and a family of 5. He has a lot of favor with the Church and government officials in Philippines. With his help and contacts, IWT will have a major impact on the nation. I will be working with him closely.

Jhun & Jhie Jhie: This Philippino couple have worked in India for years. He leads major works and has about 150 YWAM staff under him in India. We got to know them when we were in Honolulu in 2006 and they were there getting help for their son. Amazing couple - have an autistic son and just had a baby. Kay & Jhie Jhie got and stay close via email.

JM & Angelica: JM is Philippino and Angelica is German. She has been in Philippines for 6 years working. They just got engaged to be married. Great young couple that will be working with me to launch IWT in Philippines over the next couple of years.

Lindani & Nombuso: Incredibly gifted young and newly married couple. They are from and serve in South Africa. Both come from very poor upbringings, but communicate the love of Jesus powerfully. They will be assisting us in bringing IWT to S. Africa.

Joey: A single young Philippino. Has a huge heart for the youth in the Philippines. Honestly - simply doesn't have the skills to raise enough support to stay in YWAM without some help.

If you want to join us and the many others that are part of this conduit of blessing and fundings for the end time harvest, we would love to have you. Know that Kay & I are committed to a simple lifestyle and will continue sow our resources to build the kingdom. Pray about joining us and you can click here for more information.


Grace & Peace to You!

Curt & Kay



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