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Spring 2008 - Fiji Update

Dear Friends and Family:

Here is a report from my trip to Fiji to teach in a "Biblical Core" YWAM School in a remote part of Fiji.

Front Row (left to right): Ateca, Erin, Vika

Above: Kuki, Rupeni V., Gopi, Taeksu, Joe, Rupeni D., Dave, Lendua

Dave & Sue Burr: School Directors. Kay & I got to know them while in Honolulu as they are part of the Leadership team at our home base their. Great young newlywed couple that feels called to see the islanders raised up and sent as missionaries. (There are so many words of the Lord and people like us that are laboring with the Lord in His calling upon the Islanders to be leaders in the end times harvest - they make amazing missionaries!!!)

Ateca: Fijian. Feels called to childrens' ministries.

Lendua & Vika: Fijian Newlyweds. We have known them for a while. Vika was a room mate of Heathers several years ago at the base in Honolulu! Lendua is Taubale's brother. (Curt work for Taubale, the leader of IWT Fiji.) They were both amazing servants during the IWT campaign working very hard. After this school, Lendua will complete a school on Islamic studies and they both feel called to go to Egypt long term. Vika served in Egypt in the past.

Kuki: An experienced Fijian missionary. Doing school to get a better biblical foundation and then plans on heading to Iraq full time there.

Rupeni V. A Fijian called to be an Evangelist "to the world." He is not sure where God is going to send him yet, but knows he is called to "Go." We had the privilege of working with him last year in the Impact World Tour.

Gopi: A Indo-Fijian that speaks 5 languages.. Feels called to the Calcutta region of India to work especially with children.

Taeksu: A Korean that feels called to Media Ministry.

Rupeni D. A Fijian called to be an Evangelist. He is not sure where God is going to send him yet, but knows he is called to "Go." We had the privilege of working with him also last year in the Impact World Tour.

This small group will have an amazing impact for the Kingdom of God in the days ahead. If the Lord puts on your heart to pray for or assist the school or anyone person financially, let us know. Part of our (Curt & Kay) call is to be a conduit of blessing and support to these young end time warriors like these.

It is hard to describe the awe and joy I feel having the opportunity to play a very small part in seeing young people like this impact the nations. Thank you for our comradarie in this task and on this journey. In the last few months this base alone has sent 5 Fijians into India full time. They go joyfully, totally in faith with a one-way ticket and very little else (one of them was sent with just $6 in his pocket.) These 5 that have been sent recently are working together near Calcutta.

Grace & Peace to You!

Curt & Kay



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