Johnson Family Missions


Holding our Hands . . .

Curt and Kay have been preparing for Missions for a long time. The Lord gave them a plan years ago with Curt's business. The residual income from the business will provide all of their personal living expenses.

Even with this blessing, it is imperative that we have significant support from the Body of Christ! We will need prayer, financial, and emotional support to fulfill the tasks the Lord has called us to, which includes funneling support to many young people. Thanks you for being a part! If you are not already, here are two ways you can join hands with us and spread the Good News!

#1. Current Projects:

After seeing a powerful move of God in Fiji, the Lord has directed us to relocate to New Zealand and "base" out of there with the Asia-Pacific YWAM-IWT leaders.

Our main assignment is to train and disciple Filipinos for the IWT tours that will begin in their nation in 2010. I'm in the Philippines as I write this - my third trip this year.

Another major project we will help staff is the Call2All Next Generation Congress scheduled in our town of Tauranga New Zealand in January. Thousands of young people from all over the earth will be coming for impartation.

We both have a strong connection with THOP - Kay especially. God is moving our hearts to more and deeper daily intimacy and intercession with Jesus. We pray for our team of supporters regularly!

If you feel led of the Lord to "partner" with us significantly or monthly - please read this page also - click here.

Instructions for giving to Johnson Family Missions

A. If you do not need or want a tax deduction, mail check made out to Curt or Kay Johnson and mail to my parents who assist us at:

704 Candlewick Dr. NE, Poplar Grove, IL 61065

B. If you need or want a tax deduction - from our base's accounting department:

"To donate to a missionary or a fund please

 1) make checks payable to "YWAM".

 2) Please write their name on a separate piece of paper or sticky note as follows "for the support of ...(full name of missionary) in ...(city & country)"

 For U.S. citizens this is very important as the IRS will not consider it as a donation to our non profit organization if the person's name is on the check & thereby the gift will not be considered tax deductible.

 3) Mail check to:


PO Box 61700

Honolulu, HI 96839

Try to get checks to us by the 24th or the previous Friday if the 24th is on a weekend. Any check received after the 24th will be processed on the 1st of the following month. We will mail you a receipt once the check has been processed.

 Thank you for your support!

 Erin Urabe

Accounting Staff"


#2. Mailing Lists: Please keep up to date with our journey by subscribing to our Monthly email Newsletter. We will inform you of our journey for your prayers and intercessions. Send us an email with your Name, phone number, and email address. (Click here for details on our intercessor's email list.)

Or if you want to simply sign up directly just for our enewsletter:

First Name:


Johnson Family Missions -

Skype: 815-918-4304

New Zealand: 64-7-544-0623