Johnson Family Missions

Summer 2007

Dear Friends and Family:

It is summer in USA, but things have finally cooled off a bit here! It dips into the 70's here and it is kind of funny seeing the Fijians wear jackets!

The truck has been an incredible blessing (if you missed that story - click here.) The government still refuses to release the two vehicles IWT bought from New Zealand and had shipped over. Curt is busy speaking to church groups and transporting IWT staff when he can. One of the aspects of working with IWT that we really enjoy is the churches coming together to work together to reach their communities. The passion we had for that in Rockford is also needed here.

This summer will be filled with preparing the church to handle the HUGE harvest that is coming to Fiji. There have been so many prophetic promptings that God is wanting to do something very special here. With the coup government flexing its muscles, and the economy starting to dive, it is great timing for an outreach to a nation with little hope. We have the answer - Jesus. Many of these young people that get saved or involved in this campaign will be going to the nations in the days ahead to gather the end time harvest. Fijians make incredible missionaries. They are so joyful and friendly admist a life of poverty. They are used to very difficult living conditions, and yet are so grateful to the Lord and have a positive outlook on life. Everywhere I speak the prophetic comes out that God is going to honor this little nation in the end times as a LEAD nation.

This fall we will send the reports of the hundreds saved and thousands touched by the power of God, which will be exciting, but we also know the IWT is just one exciting chapter that God is writing in the destiny for this nation. We feel blessed to be a part of it. Thanks to our supporters we are able to be a blessing to the other workers here aa we move forward with the work. If you haven't given into the work here, would you consider it?

We are asking that the Lord would give us a group of people (or couples/families) that would stand with us on a monthly basis. We have an intercessory monthly email for these special partners. This will be confidential and we will share the "nitty-gritty" prayer requests and the "deeper" spiritual warfare agreements we need to fulfill the destiny set before us. The amount of money you commit every month isn’t as important to us as your heart felt desire to join us in spirit on our journey. (Click Here for more details.)

Please pray for us, look for our monthly enewsletter, and visit us here on a regular basis. We want and need you to be a part of our journey.

Grace & Peace to You!

Curt & Kay

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