Johnson Family Missions

Winter 2008

Dear Friends and Family:

Here is the expanded version of our newsletter. It is longer than usual as we wanted to pass along not only the usual updates, but relay some thoughts of what the Lord is up to on the earth in these days!

I. Family Update: Kay & Hanna joined Curt is Kona in mid February. It is good to be together again. Kay is homeschooling Hanna while Curt continues with the IWT Leadership meetings and further training school with the theme of church planting. We are working on our visa application process to relocate to New Zealand probably in May.


II. Ministry Update: In April Curt will be going to Fiji to teach at a YWAM school and work on follow up from the IWT tour last year. We are excited to be based out of NZ for a while. In Tauranga, NZ there is a House of Prayer which we plan on being a part of. The young man that started it, Aaron Walsh, was one of the handful of guys that worked with Mike Bickle in founding the House of Prayer in KC. From NZ, Curt will be travelling to Fiji to do follow up work, and the Philippines to begin work there in helping them prepare for a national IWT tour in 2009 - 2010. The national director of YWAM Fiji is in the same group Curt is right now - which is more than coincedence as we build relationship for the coming days. Much like Fiji, there have been many prophetic words to the believers in Philippines that a fresh harvest is coming that will send laborers into all the earth for the end time harvest.


III. Kids Around the World: Curt had the opportunity to share with the YWAMers here in Kona about this ministry. Kay, Holli, and Curt went through KATW training in December before Curt left for Kona. It is an awesome ministry of training childrens' workers. Visit the web site if you are unfamiliar with them. We added this to our YWAM/IWT foundation seeing it as a perfect fit and tool to disciple and preserve the harvest of souls that IWT reaps. As you may remember, over 17,000 people accepted Jesus in Fiji with over 50% of them being children. Many of them being of Hindu background have no exposure to the Bible. Most people on the earth that have not heard the Gospel do not have a written language. The methods of KATW are perfect to present the Gospel in audio form. We had the national director of the Orality Movement also with us for a week in January:


IV. The Last Days: Click Here if you are interested in a short discourse by Curt on heading into the End Times.


V. Missions and Fundraising: Kay & I are so blessed to have some key supporters and partners that we labor together with for the gospel - Thank You. Since our daughters started in YWAM several years ago now, and our own affiliation with YWAM we have seen the need for young people to be equipped to raise support for their missions work. Too many drop out for lack of funds. It was in this light that Curt has built a web site that will hopefully help anyone wanting to do missions work and raise support.

Would you please do Curt and favor and look over this site, sign up for the newsletter - FYi? If you have a website or blog that you could link to this site, that would be helpful also. The more traffic that is built towards it, the better the search engines like it and missionaries that need this information will find it. Thanks!!!

May God bless you richly. Please be in prayer for our NZ application process as we transition this year. It is an exciting time to be alive and serving the Lord together with you.


Grace & Peace to You!

Curt & Kay



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