Johnson Family Missions

Winter 2006 - 2007

Dear Friends and Family:

We wanted to give you a brief report via a few pictures of the beginning of our transition into Fiji life.


Curt is being trained in an advanced school to prepare for the upcoming IWT, Impact World Tour, in Fiji in September and October. These are my fellow students; Pascal from New Caledonia (another island nation of the South Pacific), Louisa, Salina (sitting lower), Lousana, Kiti (all from Fiji), and Curt. The mornings are spent in class with teachers coming from Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Curt works in the office in the afternoons. The school is over in late April, and he will transition into assisting with communication and managing all the details of the National office. Our heart is simply to serve Taubale and the people here to reach this nation for Jesus. Taubale Toki is the National Chairman both for the IWT Fiji, and the National Director of YWAM Fiji. He is a great guy with a huge heart and vision. The coup has helped the nation and the church see its need for God. The vision is to have 5 main centers where the IWT will happen, culminating in Suva, the main city where we are living, in their national stadium that holds 20,000+. We expect to see it filled and thousands of young people come to Jesus.

This vision is exciting enough in itself, but we (Curt, Kay & Hanna) see it also as a step to cultivate relationships in the nation and to have the contacts and favor after the event to see the next phase of the vision the Lord has here for YWAM be expanded. One of the values of YWAM is to "Champion Young People." We look forward to our role and encouragers, equippers, and "Dad & Mom" in the Lord to many young people called to the ends of the earth in these last days! (See archives for further information on some of our heart for the future.)

We just moved into our home. Some missionaries going to Chad contacted YWAM Fiji to see if anyone would want to rent their place while they were in Chad for 3 years. We went to the apartment and Hanna loved it - so we said yes. It isn't in the best part of the city, but we feel it is the place the Lord has for us. It will be a blessing to these missionaries also knowing their place is being taken care of, etc. Kay & Hanna will set up for home schooling, find some sports program for Hanna, and plug into mercy ministries that try to meet the many needs in this impoverished country. We will also be renting a "flat" below our house to assist YWAM staff and teams as they come on outreaches to help with the work here. These are some pictures of our neighbors homes.

Back door Neighbors - The family right behind us often plays some kind of Hindu religious music till 11:00 pm at night.




It is exciting to live in a neighborhood that needs the love of Jesus! There are many Hindus living near us. These are the neighbors' homes immediately to our left and right.





As you can see, even our immediate neighbors are a mission field. (The per capita income here is far less than Mexico.) They are very friendly, poor, and need to hear about the love of Jesus! The people and the island here (outside the dirty city life) are beautiful. God has a passion to see this nation transformed which will greatly impact the rest of the South Pacific and Asia. Please pray we will be faithful to do our small part in it.

Please review the past web pages that explain our heart and call to Fiji, and the Indian/Hindu people group. This recent article in a YWAM publication also gives so more insight as to the project we will be involved in:


We are asking that the Lord would give us a group of people (or couples/families) that would stand with us on a monthly basis. We have an intercessory monthly email for these special partners. This will be confidential and we will share the "nitty-gritty" prayer requests and the "deeper" spiritual warfare agreements we need to fulfill the destiny set before us. The amount of money you commit every month isn’t as important to us as your heart felt desire to join us in spirit on our journey. (Click Here for more details.)

Please pray for us, look for our monthly enewsletter, and visit us here on a regular basis. We want and need you to be a part of our journey.

Grace & Peace to You!

Curt & Kay

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