Johnson Family Missions

Winter 2007 - 2008

Dear Friends and Family:

We came back to Illinois from Fiji very tired, but so grateful to the Lord for what He did. Please review the archived pages regarding the Fiji IWT (Impact World Tour) if you haven't yet. It was amazing and humbling to be part of a move of God. Although many thousands of souls were swept into the Kingdom of God, the military still has rule in the country - and we wanted to give an update on our journey.

It was such a blessing to see our family and friends. We enjoyed speaking at several churches and gatherings. God's people not only seemed genuinely interested and moved by our reports, but the saints were led powerfully by the Lord to minister back to us in every way: emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Thank you is not enough - but - Thank YOU. We are yolked together to see HIS Kingdom come in these last days. What a privilege.

During the Fiji tour, we met and worked with Dave Cole - the Asia Pacific Director for YWAM IWT ministries. Due to the coup and some work in Fiji being delayed because of it, we felt the Lord leading us to hook up with his leadership team in Tauranga, New Zealand for the next season of our journey. From NZ we will be traveling to Fiji to continue the follow up and discipleship phase. Curt is scheduled to speak and minister at the YWAM base there in April. Kay, Hanna and I, hope to relocate to NZ by the end of April.

In the meantime, the Lord has led us to Kona Hawaii for 3 months January - March. The main YWAM base is here. There is a leadership school and meeting for those working with IWT and planning tours coming up in the next year or two. The head of the school and founder of IWT is also the newly appointed head of "Call2all" - his name is Mark Anderson. If you haven't heard about Call2all yet - you will. It is a huge movement of almost all of the denominations and missionary organizations working together in this last days to fulfill the great commission! Wow!!! The Body of Christ internationally will be coordinating their efforts to ensure every people group on the earth hears the gospel. They will also be using the 4K model developed by a man here at this YWAM base. You can learn more under "resources" at the above link. In a nutshell it identifies over 4000 groupings of people in their earth, their demographics and how much, if at all, the gospel has reached them.

I feel so blessed to be here meeting and learning from these caliber of leaders. The international flavor of being here is hard to describe. Here are my classmates in this pic. There are many from South Africa (both black & white), Philippines, and Korea. (you can barely see me poking my head out near the top :-)

When we left Rockford 2 1/2 years ago, we felt maybe we would be going to the Philippines. It is interesting now, being based out of NZ in the coming months and years, we will not only continue work in Fiji, but also may be traveling and working in the Philippines. Please pray we all hear and obey the Lord of the Harvest in these crucial and exciting end times. Thanks for being a part of our Journey.

Grace & Peace to You!

Curt & Kay



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